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Package of Meditations: Spiritual Mentors of East


Expanding awareness, activating spiritual and creative potential, strengthening the connection with the source. Understanding the origins of different religions and raising vibrations



This collection of meditations includes the most renowned gurus, spiritual guides, and deities from the East.

Channeled meditations allow deep alignment with each of the spiritual mentors,

enabling a direct personal experience of subtle transcendent states, gaining the gifts of wisdom, and raising one’s vibrations.

Historically and to this day, many turn their gaze to the East for spiritual breakthroughs, preserving profound spiritual traditions and gifting the world with great Masters.

By choosing this meditation package, you give yourself the opportunity to make a powerful breakthrough in your spiritual development.

This collection of meditations includes attunement to the following Spiritual Teachers and Deities:

  • Guan Yin,
  • Metatron,
  • Buddha,
  • Shiva,
  • Shakti,
  • Saraswati,
  • Vishnu,
  • Lakshmi,
  • Prophet Muhammad,
  • Sri Aurobindo,
  • Lao Tzu,
  • Shambhala Space

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