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Package of Meditations for Revealing an Exemplary Male Energy


A package of 11 channeling meditations.



The meditation package includes a selection of the most powerful meditations for cleansing and activating inner masculine qualities.
  • Meditation with Lao Tzu – gives you sensations of zen state, wisdom, and balanced tranquility.
  • Serapis Bey will help you gain determination and structure.
  • Shiva will fill you with the power and will to manifest your intentions.
  • Vishnu – The concept of having an abundance of wealth and energy.
  • God Thoth will bestow the energy of wisdom and knowledge.
  • God Ra – will help you to achieve life energy, the energy of creation, and creativity.
  • Seraphim of Sarov will fill you with a sense of unity with God.
  • Archangel Michael will provide the strength to release everything false and obstructive.
  • Lord Saint Germain will transmute outdated energies.
  • Meditation with the energies of Sacred Sexuality will fill you with an understanding of primal sexual energy.

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