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Package of Meditations: Deities of Hinduism


Elevating vibrations and unlocking spiritual potential. Expansion, purification, the opportunity to connect with the wisdom of ancient India.

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Deities of Hinduism

A package of 7 channeling meditations.

It is known that the Hindu pantheon consists of numerous gods. Hindu deities are often depicted as human-like or semi-divine personalities. Each of them has their own attributes. The people of India worship many of these beings as manifestations of the ultimate god, Brahman. They are all necessary as intermediaries in communication with the Supreme Deity.

Why meditate with the deities of Hinduism? This is a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in higher vibrations, powerful energies, and intense experiences. To gain expansion, empowerment, fulfillment, purification, and the qualities of the deity and their blessings.